Yeast for English IPA

Wyeast web site recommends these,

1099 whitbread
1968 ESB
1318 london ale III
1335 British ale II
1469 West yorkshire

Anyone have any good experiences with any of these or any other yeast for an english IPA?

I’ve used all except 1335. There are slight differences, but all are good and all would work.

1968 is my favorite brittish yeast and I like it best for bitters and ESBs. Can’t go wrong with that one. But for IPAs I guess I like a little more neutral yeast so I’d probably go with 1099 if I wanted a thin mouthfeel, or 1469 if I wanted a thicker one. I’d use 1318 if I wanted a more mineral-ly/hard water-like profile.

And in a pinch you can go dry, Safale S-04 Whitbread strain.

Or go with White Labs instead - WLP007 is a monster.

007 is the only yeast I’ll use in an English IPA.

I have made excellent English IPAs with:

1968 ESB, 1028 London, 1469 West Yorkshire. I like some character beyond hops and malt, and these do a good job creating complexity.

I have used S- 04, 1318, and 1275 Thames Valley/WL Burton, and I thought they were kind of clean/ boring.

I have had several beers made with dry yeast and I don’t think they taste as good as those made with liquid. The Whitbread strain is nice, but I don’t think it repitches well so I don’t use it.

Interesting, i would have recommended 1028 or 1098, neither of which wyeast lists!

Thats funny. The two yeast i had in my cart after my initial research were, 1098 for the engligh IPA and 1028 for a northern brown ale. Part of my decision for 1028 was a review i found though a google search which turns out was by you.

Seems no one has mentioned it, but 1056/001 makes an excellent English IPA.
Even though these days it is commonly described as an “American” yeast, it’s a pretty sure bet that it actually originated in England anyway (not that it really matters at all).

Do a few split batches using various yeasts…it’s really probably the only way to determine what you yourself will like.

007 is the only yeast I’ll use in an English IPA.[/quote]

Although if I had to use dry I’d go with nottingham or S-04.