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Yeast for an oatmeal stout

What yeast is good for an oatmeal stout? I want to stay away from S04 just from past experiences. I was thinking 1098. Wyeast website shows a bunch per style. 1098 wasn’t one of them. They do list 1099, 1084 and some others. My LHBS carries wyeast and white labs. A few omega but not 006. Any thoughts? What about Wyeast 1318?

I like 1084 a lot. I’ve used it for all kinds of stouts and porters with good results. I don’t think I’ve ever used 1318 for a stout but that’s a thought for a softer bigger mouth feel but you’ll get that with the oats regardless.

I used WLP001 on a stout in 2016 according to my notes, every other stout I’ve made using US-04. I use Denny’s Favorite 50 when I do BVIP every year, but that’s a porter. I did sub in WLP001 one year for it when my LHBS was out of 1450. Out of curiosity, what bad experiences have you had with S04?


From what I remember it had like a tartness or something that I just didn’t like. I’d have to review my notes but it was multiple batches I think. Maybe it was just poor technique.

I ended up buying 1084 and 1318. Went with 1318. Mfg date was Aug 10th. OG was 1.046 so I just pitched smack pack a little warm but in the range to help it get going. Seemed to start ok just didn’t seem all that active. 2 days and the temp started dropping like it was finished. Popped the lid off this morning and there wasn’t any krausen floating (there was a ring like it had a thin one though). Pulled a hydro sample to see where it was. Down to 1.015 already.

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Sorry I’m late…

In no particular order, I like Windsor / London ESB / S-33 / M15 which are all nearly genetically identical. They will attenuate low in the 65-ish percent range so be cognizant of that, as they cannot ferment the complex maltotriose sugar at all, however the final result is NOT overly thick or sweet or cloying, not at all. In fact I won medals with my last two examples, a silver and a gold.

In any case, don’t overthink it. Oatmeal stout is a malt-dominated style. Yeast just really doesn’t matter much here. That’s why I use the cheap ‘n’ easy dried yeasts for it. But any yeast is going to give you very good results, I can nearly guarantee.


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