Yeast cleanup question

With my previous extract recipes after active fermentation the krausen fell starting about day 6 post brew and over the next two weeks the yeast cleaned everything up and the surface layer was clean. I would rack to a bottling bucket somewhere between week 3 and 4. No problems. Beer good in spite of really poor temperature control from chilling to fermentation.

On this batch I was very particular about fermentation temperature, I used a super immersion chiller and kept it in high 50’s to low 60’s (ale yeast) throughout active fermentation then after about 8 days I let it gradually come to ambient temp of low 70s. Now two weeks later there is still a dusting of hops particles and some tiny islands of bubbles on the surface. It just doesn’t seem to be cleaning up like before and the activity level in the wort has dropped to zero.

Should I just wait another week or two? This batch did have a 2oz hops addition at flameout and I wondered if that could be a reason.

Now due to a travel consideration I have to bottle soon (3 1/2 weeks) or wait until 5 1/2 weeks post brew. Should I just siphon it off and not mix in the surface hops or wait and see?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. My first thought is to just let it sit until 5 1/2 weeks. Seems like not rushing things usually works for the best in the brewing world.

Surface at 3 weeks

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I would let it sit in the primary for the 5 1/2 weeks. You still have yeast rafts and hop residue floating. Each brew will be different due to ingredients and differences in the fermentation. Your beer will not suffer any harm waiting.

I believe you can also try gently shaking the bottle every day or so to help it drop out. I dry hopped for the first time on my last beer and I did that for a couple weeks and it took a lot out. Don’t worry if it doesn’t drop though, you probably won’t get it into the bottling bucket and even if you did get it into the beer, it’ll pack down with the yeast in the bottles.

If your SG is stable, you could cold crash it to drop the yeast and hop floaters.