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Yeast choice for 115th Dream Hopbursted IPA AGK?

Hello all - first post on NB. I suppose this question could be under yeast/fermentation, but it’s a general NB kit question, so I wasn’t sure.

I’m about to purchase the 115th Dream Hopbursted IPA All-Grain Kit - it seems like a fun brew, and I enjoy a nice sweet IPA from time to time.

Regarding the yeast choice - I’ve only ever used liquid for my beers, but this seems a good candidate to throw a few packs of dry yeast in and be done with it. It starts at 1.090ish, is a pretty plain strain (American Ale) and will need a huge starter - I only have a 2L flask. Plus, even with a starter Mr. Malty’s calling for two packs of Liquid.

Has anyone tried this with the dry option? Results?

Alternatively, should I brew a smaller beer first and harvest a huge amount of yeast to re-pitch?


US-05 is my go-to yeast for IPA’s. I haven’t brewed this kit, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the dry option.

Cool, thanks erockrph! It definitely seems like a great candidate for that strain and a heck of a lot simpler. Any suggestions for handling the yeast? Do you usually rehydrate first or just sprinkle it in?

I’ve had good results from sprinking, so I don’t generally bother with rehydrating my dry yeast. If you do choose to rehydrate, make sure your rehydration water has cooled to the proper temperature so you don’t kill the yeast and make sure you follow good sanitation practices.

Good luck!

+1 for sprinkling US-05 directly onto cooled wort. I make big batches and don’t want to be bothered with yeast starters so I usually go the US-05 way. I usually start with a standard OG beer and then two weeks later, make a bigger OG beer directly onto the yeast cake. Then two weeks later, pull the yeast out, clean the fermenters and make a big OG beer OR split the yeast between two different beers to avoid over-pitching.

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