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Yeast came at the bottoM of secondary

Hey guys, I am brewing a honey apple amber ale. It’s Og was 1.074 and I put it into secondary fermentation about a week ago a fit has developed a yeast came attune bottom of th carboy. Should I be worried? Should I rack it again off th trub? It still bubbling and the habitual is still dropping consistently. Mayb I’m just too worried. Btw gravity today was 1.014…

Damn auto correct. A yeast cake at the bottom of thE car boy

How is it that I type gravity and it corrects to habitual.

Perfectly normal sounding for a secondary.
Some yeast are stubborn to flocculate.
The bubbling is CO2 coming out of solution from the racking.
I have a theory that those stubborn yeast get a helping hand at settling out from getting a little bit of that CO2 out from racking.

Yeah I used dusseldorf alt yeast. I have nevere tried it but thanks for the reassurance.

So I have been reading more. My beer has a foamy head which could mean I racked to early because I didn’t take two consecutive hydrometer reAdings. :frowning: lesson learned. So if the final gravity holds at 1.14 it’s okay to bottle ?? Off gassing and co2 build up wont effect bottling? ... True&gl=US

If that link doesn’t work just search lumberjack2225 on YouTube. The video is of this batch. I hope I’m just too worried.

Just give it a little more time than you would have if you didnt rack to soon. It was a higher gravity beer to begin with so 1.014 is pretty good. But nothing wrong with a little aging.

Awesome. Also I just checked and it’s down to 1.1013 so very little movement. Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry either way. After reading your first post I figured it was just some slow flocking cells, and co2 degassing. After watching the video though, I would think there is still some active fermentation going on, as the apples would likely add some ferment able sugars to the wort… Either way id just wait it out. Let the apples impart whatever flavor you desired, then check gravity/package as normal.


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