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Yeast came at the botto

Hey guys, I am brewing a honey apple amber ale. It’s Og was 1.074 and I put it into secondary fermentation about a week ago a fit has developed a yeast came attune bottom of th carboy. Should I be worried? Should I rack it again off th trub? It still bubbling and the habitual is still dropping consistently. Mayb I’m just too worried. Btw gravity today was 1.014…

Are there some autocorrect errors in there? I doughnut make descent of what you are displaying.

HAHAHA! “the habitual is dropping consistently” ??? Wha???

Yeah lol. Idk. It posted twice too:( yeah I typed gravity and it corrected to habitual. I sound like a Russian Internet scam. Sorry

No worries, I’m glad your other post got you the answer you needed :wink:

You vant new bride? Eh? Maybe red head? You send checking account number. I send you red head in 6 weeks! Make you very happy!

I just figured you’d be along to edit it once you sobered up. :wink:

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