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Yeast cake to new beer

I am planning to use the yeast cake from a BPA in a BW ale, as seen in a recent post.
As I couldn’t sleep last night my mind got to thinking about the end result of the BW
using this cake vs. making a starter with the yeast that comes with it vs. making a starter
from yeast I kept from an Amer. Amber ale. All the yeast is the same. I’m sure I won’t
notice since I have only drank a couple of these, but thought the information might be useful down the road somewhere. I plan to bottle and store for 4-5 months. Sorry if
this has been covered, and I promise to get more sleep.

I guess what I was wondering is even though it is the right yeast, will the previous
have any effect on the next brew when it is a different beer?

As long as you aren’t going from something with any really intense flavors to something relatively mild, it should be fine. Even then, as long as you’re careful about the amount of beer that gets transferred, you probably won’t have any issues.

If you’re really worried about it, just rinse the yeast.

Thanks a10t2, that makes plenty of sense.

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