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'Yeast' by Chris & Jamil

After seeing plenty of positive reviews on this book , on my latest order from NB, I decided to add the book. Started reading it today while brewing my Altbier. About 1/2 way through, and WOW am I glad I got it. Absolutely great info in a very readable style. Also very well indexed(poorly indexed books are a pet peave). Well Done! :cheers:

I own the book. Not bad, but I think over half of it applies to things that I’m not interested in — creating a yeast lab, slates, etc.

True, but I read those parts too, figuring that maybe some day…

I enjoyed it and found it to be a very useful addition to the library. I’ll admit, though, that I was kinda left wondering why yeast aren’t extinct, given all the careful coddling and delicate care brewer’s yeast seems to require. :wink:

Because beer yeast will replicate as organisms well in my many environments some which will not make drinkable beer. Make good or great beer needs controlled environments. English ale yeast will replicate like mad at 90 degrees but I will never want to drink that beer.

Awesome book! I base alot of my calculations regarding yeast on this book. <-- Öl o hembryggning!
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