Yeast book

I went X-MAS shopping with the wife yesterday and bought me a book,Yeast, the practical guide to beer fermenting. Its going to take all winter to read! Anyone out there read it yet? Chris White/whites lab and Jamal Z. put out this book. Sneezles61

Yes. Bought it last year. Treated it like a textbook with highlighter, and earmarking certain pages to review later. Great resource that I’ve used multiple times since I read it the 1st time. And it’s a pretty straight forward read as well. Pretty good writers, and well indexed.
I now have all 4 books in the series, and ‘Yeast’ is my favorite.

Good to know… I just got my nose in it Sunday… Sneezles61

One of the better brewing references out there IMO. Even if you already have good yeast management, propagation, and practices, you will find lots of goo information and practical tips inside. Read it twice.

Thanks pietro,I do like your knowledgeable input. Sneezles61

okay, I hear you, now its on my Christmas list! I have the water book in the series by Palmer and its also very good.

I have the water book also, very difficult reading as it gets technical. I am on my third time through and things are soaking in… slowly. It was just a hobby, then from out of nowhere, I got slammed to want to know more than the basics…. I will keep looking deeper! Sneezles61