Yeast Best way to store

I am getting 2 extract kits today, that have the safale US-05. One will be brewed in a couple of weeks, the other will be over a month away. What is the best way to store the yeast until I needed. Thanks all

Henry V.

With dry yeast it’s not so important but you can put it in the fridge to be safe.

I usually just store my yeast in the fridge as well. Yeast from NB is usually really fresh, so it is good to store for awhile without going bad.

I’ve been throwing the whole extract kit box into the fridge until I get around to brewing. Then I take it out the day before to warm up to room temp.

Any issues w/ that?

The only thing I might do wild be to keep the hops in the fridge until you start boiling. We’re splitting hairs there, though.