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Yeast and star san

I sometimes wonder, what, if any effect star san has on my yeast I save? I clean a 1 gallon jug before I put the yeast into it. As always, there is foamy residual from it, and, isn’t it suppose to kill microbes? Yeast? Sneezles61

Once you dilute it out with the starter wort, it’s probably too diluted to kill much yeast.

I drain it as well as I can, but it likely has a minor impact on total yeast numbers. As Dawson, Keeler and co. used to say, “Don’t fear the foam!”

Alrighty then, I’ll try keep my anxiety in check next time I play with yeast and star san…:sunglasses: Sneezles61

Properly diluted Star San solution should have no effect on the yeast. Stronger acid solutions are used to wash yeast to eliminate bacteria. Phosphoric acid is often used at a pH of 2.0 to 2.5.

(Thought I would get this reply in the correct thread even though it is a little late.)

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I have to admit Star San foam worried me when I first started using it. I tried to drain as much as possible but you can never seem to get it all out. Rinsing after seemed counter productive since you are adding another infection possibility. After using it for a while I got over it and just dump as much as possible without a lot of work and have not noticed any problems.

I will use my spray bottle to break up the foam that won’t drain from the carboy. I don’t mind a little foam but sometimes there is quite a bit. How much foam would it take to change the pH of the beer? Probably a lot more than is ever left in/on equipment.

Crazy, but I will hold onto the fermentor tightly, big swing with the mouth pointed outward to hopefully “toss” as much foam out! Once in a while the better bottle slips away! Sneezles61

Sneezles I need to see a video of that!!



It wouldn’t be pretty! I’ll have to see if the wife can vid that without laughing too hard and drop the camera!! :blush: Sneezles61

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When Star San first came out they used to do blind tasting with some samples having large amounts of star san in them. Apparently no one could tell the difference.

So would that mean that star san won’t kill wild yeast and brett? If that’s the case that is a little bothersome.

Wild yeast and brett will be killed with a strong Star San solution but this will be dollar overkill. Infections from wild yeast may be best taken care of with a deep cleaning with bleach. Any equipment used to brew or bottle with brett should reserved for brewing with brett to prevent possible cross contamination despite a good cleaning.

Just an opinion though.

I think, star san speaks for itself, Since using it, I’ve not had any infections… knock on wood… Sneezles61

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