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Yeast and Oxygen

Is there a way or a gadget, that will give me a reading of how much oxygen is in the Wort???

As far as I know there is no readily available gadget to test oxygen levels. What method are you using for aeration? This chart is from Wyeast’s website.

Method DO ppm Time
Siphon Spray 4 ppm 0 sec.
Splashing & Shaking 8 ppm 40 sec.
Aquarium Pump w/ stone 8 ppm 5 min
Pure Oxygen w/ stone 0-26ppm 60 sec (12ppm)

Hope you don’t mind me piggybacking off your thread but this raises a question I have. I’ve been using the drill bit that I believe is for wine degassing to aerate my wort. Works great and is easy. Anyone have any idea where this falls in on the spectrum. Does it just equate to physically shaking the carboy or can it do more?

I use the Splash and the Aeration pump method. I built a three way copper attachment that is connected to my reverse chiller, it has a aeration stone inside of the attachment and tubing running to an aeration pump and the other end over the carboy. The wort is gravity drained, nice and slow and splashed into the Carboy.

Mpls, Yes you are correct in your assumption.
It has been spoken to in many texts that you cannot find over 8ppm (depending on wort composition of course) with any ambient O2 method and higher rates must be achieved with Pure O2 from a bottle.

Ek, the method you are using seems sound. The only time to really need outrageously high (DO)dissolved O2(12>ppm) is when making really high gravity ferments. You can buy a SPENDY DO meter if you wish, but it is a tool really not needed whatsoever and the money would be best spent on a good sized bottle of pure O2 with a good flow meter that can be set to deliver a certain approximate DO in your wort consistently.

You know what i have always wanted to know is how effective is the shaking method if you use pure O2. What i do rack the cooled wort into the 6 gallon carboy and put the stopper and 3 piece airlock in run a 1/4" tubing through the airlock. Pump pure o2 into the head space, stop and shake, pump more O2 into head space, stop and shake. I do 6 ten second burst of O2 along with 10 seconds of vigorous shaking after each burst of O2. I know this method is working for me because activity in the airlock starts in 4-6 hours with a 2 liter starter. Any guess on what the DO is because i have no idea, but i always like to think it is at a little higher than 8 ppm.

I am a big fan of cheap and easy.

4 foot long aluminum tubing just the right size it almost maxes out my drill bits chuck - $6.00

  • Drill through the tube just a 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the end. All the way through both walls. Do this twice so that you have a hole every 90 degrees around the tube for a total of four holes.
    4 longish zip ties (a few pennies each) - run them through the wholes in such a manned that they stick out in a X configuration from the bottom of the tube.

Now after pitching I just run the sanitized assembly into the carboy, chuck up my drill and spin the daylights out of the wort/yeast mixture for about a minute.

After going to this from the shake and swirl method I noticed a great decrease in lag time and great increase in activitly when it did begin.

Total cost? Maybe $6.50.


[quote=“andjenliang”]I do 6 ten second burst of O2 along with 10 seconds of vigorous shaking after each burst of O2.[/quote]That’s a great way to do it and you’re easily in the 12+ppm range with this method.

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