Yeast and clones

Hi all,
I’m brewing a clone kit of Rogue Dead Guy Ale, and I’m afraid the kit was purchased a couple months ago without refrigeration of the yeast. If I’m buying new yeast anyways, what should I choose, be it dry or liquid?

I believe this beer uses California Ale yeast so if you prefer dry go with US-05. If you prefer liquid WLP001 or WY1056.

Personally I’d use 1272 over 1056. Cleaner better floccing yeast in my experience.

If you can get the Pacman yeast from Wyeast, that would be the most authentic. Otherwise use something like WY1056 or US05. As much as I like 1272, 1056 would be closer to Pacman.

Although I agree with you Denny, I also agree with Danny that 1272 produces a superior beer.

Just not if you want it to be as close as possible to Dead Guy.

Why not use Pacman?