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Yeast and Attenuation

When a yeast manufacturer states a yeast as x to x attenuation (for example WLP is 73%-80%), do they mean real or apparent attenuation?


Good question! I think the answer is apparent attenuation. That’s how I use it. But I could be wrong.

AFAIK, it’s apparent. At least, that’s what I gave Wyeast for 1450 and that’s what they use. And FWIW, the attenuation rating is just intended for comparing one yeast to another using a standardized wort. It’s not necessarily an indication of the attenuation you’ll get. That’s pretty much dependent on the composition of your wort.

Thanks guys. Denny, that is what I figured. Currently, I am looking at how the same yeast preforms for me batch to batch. When I was looking at some of the descriptors on the WL site it got me thinking about it.

Again thanks!!

I’ve found the apparent attenuation values provided by the yeast manufacturers to be reasonably accurate and consistent within a couple of points from batch to batch when using 10% or less crystal malt and mash temperatures of 148-152 F. YMMV

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