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Year coming to a end

Me transfer my beer to secondary. Dry hop 2 oz hallertau. Getting ready to do a starter. For tuesday brew session. A. Mango habanero ipa. Last one came out so good. So brew one again. This will be last brew session of the year. Got news from my shipping agent. The boat sails the 23 dec. With my grain order. Of grains. Hops. Pwb. Starsan. Dme. Did order 200 lbs grains. Sucks living on a island got to buy bulk. Boat takes 15 days. To arive one week for customs to do its thing.

I think I have a hard time managing my brewing to keep beer in the pipeline and I don’t have to deal with boats and Customs!

I think I am going to do my NEIPA tomorrow and maybe try to squeeze in one more beer before year’s end. Merry Christmas and happy New Year Wilco!

I’ve been overwhelmed with work and now the job is about done… I hope to give the owner the keys just before the end of the year… Then… I’ll get some time off… I’ll load up my wife and head down to NB… It’ll be a spendy day but I really want to get the lager season off and running… I guess if you live on an island and have been living with all the extra details involved with procuring items… You learn to plan ahead… Wilco, you sir have it planned out well. Sneezles61

@wilcolandzaat, I bet the view you get every day more than makes up for the hassle! :sunrise:

Yeah its still nice. After all these years on island. 4 more days than of to the cold for new years. Celabration

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