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YAY! Another help with water thread

Just got my results back. I tend to brew more lighter colored hoppy beers but definitely do my fair share of IRS/Porter and such, to the untrained eye it looks like I have fairly “bland” water that should be pretty good to build off of. Let me know what you think and what variety of salts I should be ordering to build with.

PH 7.6
Total Dissolved Solids 118
CAtions/Anions 2.0/1.8
Sodium 18
Potassium 1
Calcium 19
Mangesium 3
Total Hardness 60
Nitrate .3
Sulfate 4
Chloride 6
CArbonate <1
Bicarbonate 79
Total Alkilinity 65

Now Off to Bru’N Water HOORAY!

Your water is very similar to mine. I have done light pisners with no funny tastes. Your bicarbonate level is probably at it upper limit for light beers though. I have toyed with the idea of diluting with ro next time to compare the taste. I keep lactic acid, gypsum, calcium cloride. I don’t do porters so I am unfamiliar with chalk additions.

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