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Wyeast yeast starter

The Smack Packs that Wyeast makes have yeast nutrients in them correct? If so, should I make a starter as usual and dump the whole contents of the pack in the starter?
I’ve never used Wyeast before, but I’m looking for a little change up.

I was planning on using White labs’ Dry English for an IPA, can anyone suggest a similar Wyeast product?

I think more than anything the purpose of the smack pack is to make sure the yeast is healthy and viable which shows up with inflation of the pack. It doesn’t need to inflate to the point of looking like it will explode, although often times they do.
Just smack it, make a starter and dump it in.

That’s a link to their English IPA style outline with some recommended yeasts at the bottom.

You beer will be good with pitching the WY pack. Some people say they can taste a difference of underpitching. So it’s up to you. It would be preferable to make a starter.

Her is a chart cross conferencing the WY to WL yeast strains.

Wyeast has confirmed that smacking the pack provides virtually no cell growth. If you’re making a beer over 1.040 OG, you should always make a starter. You don’t even need to smack the pack before making your starter.

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