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Wyeast - what is the pod made of?

Planning to brew my Brickwarmer Holiday Red this afternoon. Perfect day! Homebrew and football! :slight_smile:

I’m using Wyeast 1028…my first experience with liquid yeast. I “smacked the pack” already and it’s nicely inflated. Perhaps an odd question…what is the nutrient pod made of? Will I need to fish something out of the brew after I pitch the yeast? Or will it simply settle to the bottom with the trub?

Just trying to plan ahead if I need sanitized tongs prepared to grab something out of the brew.


Just cut a corner off the package to pour out the yeast. The nutrient package will remain inside. Sanitize package and scissors.

Have you checked whether or not you will need a starter? Recommended to make a starter with liquid yeast unless the yeast package has a very recent date and the beer will be low OG.
This is the pitch rate/starter calculator I like to use.

I would also say, if you are concerned, why not sanitize a quart mason jar, cut the whole top off the package and dump it in there… Sanitation is of the utmost practice whilst you preform this procedure… Then you can fish out the yeast nutrient packet… Sneezles61

It has nutrient but it must also have a little sugar

Thanks @sneezles61 I did the mason jar trick. Worked out just fine. Turns out the “pod” is plastic. Bigger than I thought, so it would have staid in if I just cut the corner of the pouch.

Once again…I overthink and worry.

Someday I’ll learn…relax, have a homebrew :slight_smile:

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Get to a point you understand the basics… don’t push too hard to understand it all… You’ll do well… Keep it simple, really! Sneezles61

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