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Wyeast Un-Refrigerated

Saw another post on Wyeast freezing and thought of a few of my packs of Wyeast that unfortunately went unrefrigerated for a week. We got hit with a pre-Halloween foot+ of snow this year. Knocked the power out for a week. I had three packs of Wyeast (Saison, Cider, and…something else). My local homebrew store suggested I buy new packs, which I did for the saison and the cider. But I’m wondering what you all think. Maybe with a starter I can see if the yeast is still good? The temp in the pack probably got no higher than 50 degrees but was probably sitting, on average, in the mid 40s.

If it was below 50F for the entire week it should be fine. Just make a starter.

If you smack it and it swells up it’s good. I’d make a starter since it’s several months old, not because it was stored at 50°.

Cool. Thanks guys. Appreciate the second opinions…we’ll see how she goes…

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