Wyeast Smack Pack Issue

I brewed a Cream Ale last night and used a Wyeast Smack Pack. I thought I popped the inner packet, but apparantly did not. It only swelled maybe half way, but I pitched it anyway to find out the inner packet was still in tact. I ended up popping it and going ahead and just dumping it straight into the fermentor…is this going to be a problem? This morning I am already seeing airlock activity so it looks like fermentation has begun. My question is by not having the Wyeast liquid yeast mix with the nutrients inside the packet and swell completely, will that affect my beer in a negative way?


It will not harm your beer in anyway.

The small nutrient pack inside the Wyeast Smack Pack is to allow proofing of the yeast prior to pitching. Which means that if you smack it and the pack swells, the yeast is viable. There is essentially no cell growth during this process and it does not improve the yeast or beer in any way. All you did by not breaking the inner pack; is pitch the yeast without knowing if it was viable; but since you are seeing fermentation you are good to go.


Awesome, thanks for the reply man…also the pack was only a month old. I did not use a starter, so hopefully there is plenty of cells for a 2 gallon batch.

If it is only a 2 gallon batch you are fine. Actually, you probably overpitched by about 10%-20% depending on your original granity.

No worries :cheers: