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Wyeast packet nutrients didn't bust open

So I started a batch of extra pale ale last night… I had received a wyeast packet in the mail and it was already inflated… I still smacked it several times and left it out for 3 hours; however when pitching it, I noticed that the nutrients packet did not open… I have one extra Wyeast packet…didn’t know if I should try pitching this one also??? or what I should do??

The only reason you need that nutrient packet is to show you the viability of the yeast. If you’re thinking it’s like a starter, it isn’t. There isn’t enough cell growth to matter. I make starters for every brew and don’t even bother smacking the pack.

+1 Starters are the way to go, except when repitching recently harvested slurry, making a real low gravity beer, or making a small batch. I have gone to the small batch step up process for lagers and it really works well - the step up beers aren’t fancy or hoppy, of course, but they are eminently drinkable!


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