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Wyeast pack opened before activation

Hi everyone,

This is the first time I’d used a Wyeast smack pack for a brew I’m planning tonight.

Half asleep this morning I came to activate the pack. I stupidly assumed there would be a packet within the packet and tore the corner slightly. When the yeast smell hit me, I realised my mistake. Rookie error.

Anyhow, I quickly taped it back up before activating the pack.

My instinct is just to toss it out now because of a) the possible bacteria on the tape, b) exposure to the air.

Any thoughts?
Christopher The Stupid.

I wouldn’t be worried too much about it. Sure there is a possibility of infection but not very likely. Were you planning on making a starter with it or just direct pitching it? I assume since you are brewing tonight you planned on a direct pitch.

Thanks for your reply Matt.

I am planning on a direct pitch. This is my third homebrew and the first with a partial mash, so I’m trying to progress to a place where I feel comfortable with all aspects of the process before going all grain / yeast starter.

Many thanks again,

You can still use that yeast, just spray some starsan around the torn/taped area before pouring the yeast out. You still have the same number of yeast cells in that pack and they should get the job done just as well. Smacking it and releasing the nutrients would have only kick started your yeast a bit.

Thank you, Danny. Looks like this evening’s brew is on after all. Vanilla Porter here we come.

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