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Wyeast freeze?

So I’ve got a kit on the way and should be delivered Friday. That means it will sit on my door step in single digit temps for a number of hours. Will this cause the wyeast smack pack to freeze and if so will it still be viable upon thaw? This my first winter of brewing and never gave it much mind since all the other kits I’ve done were delivered in well above freezing temps.

How many hours? The cardboard box will give you some level of insulation.

It’s certainly a possibility. I had one get slushy in a similar situation. I let it thaw in the fridge and made a starter and it came out okay.

If I remember correctly, some percentage of yeast dies when it freezes but once it’s frozen the cells don’t continue to die. So freeze/thaw cycles are worse than a single freeze.

I thought most of the country was experiencing a warm spell.

[quote=“tom sawyer”]I thought most of the country was experiencing a warm spell.[/quote]Yeah, were looking at 63° with a 5 mph breeze today. I’d go golfing today but I have a sprained foot and need to stay off of it.

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