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Wyeast already activated

I got my shipment from Northern Brewer last week, I put the envelope with the Wyeast in the fridge, when I opened the envelope today it looks like the wyeast package was already activated…does that mean I cant use it?

Nope you can use it.

Was it the 1056 yeast ?

I found that fresh from the store looks like it is already activated and partially swelled up but it’s not.

It does make it hard to find the little pack inside to smack but with persistence you can smack it.

But don’t worry the yeast is in the outside pack so you really don’t need to break the inside pack.

To be safe just make a starter this will tell you if the yeast is good

Yes, it is the 1056…after feeling around a bit I found the yeast package…so I guess it wasnt activated…Thanks for your help

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