WYeast 3942 Belgian Wheat

Next weekend I’ll be brewing with the above mentioned yeast. For any of you that have used this before, is there any suggestions? Also if anyone knows, what is the difference between this and WYeast 3944 Belgian Wit? I guess i really don’t know the difference between a Wit and Wheat…

To the forum gods, i put this in general because i know it will be seen more, feel free to move in a few days.


The only Info I have is 3942 is from Esen, Belgium:( DeDolle brewery) 3944 is Hoegarden/ Celis White brewery. This Info I got from Kristin England BJCP. I know what Celis tastes like, so that’s why I’ve used it now for 3-4 yrs and love it. Makes great Wit! Don’t know about 3942 but am planning to try it this year, others have great reviews on this one too, so try it and let us know. Cheers.