Wyeast 3787

I have some of this washed in fridge does anyone have any ideas what kit would go good with it?

Ideal for a dubbel or tripel.

I’m brewing Patersbier with that one soon.

The Wyeast web site list “common” beers for each strain.

Of course, you can use it in anything you like.

http://www.wyeastlab.com/hb_yeaststrain ... .cfm?ID=65

How did it end up washed in your fridge? A previous batch?

Its from a patersbier batch that I did open fermentation. I top skimmed the yeast. Just bottled the patersbier today. Thanks everyone for the response.

That is one of my favorite yeasts. NB used to sell a kit with it that won me my first blue ribbon. It’s a strong, Belgian wheat beer, and it is delicious.

5 lbs. Belgian pilsner
5 lbs. wheat malt
.5 lbs. honey malt
2 lbs. corn sugar

1 oz cluster - 60 min

4 grams - grains of paradise - 10 min

Pitch in the low 60s, and let it rise up into the low 70s.