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Wyeast 3711

Just got done kegging a saison fermented with 3711.

Grain bill:

8# 2-row
2# Munich
1# wheat malt
1# crystal 80
1# white sugar

mashed at 152 for 60 mins.

OG 1.057
FG 1.004

Fermented for 2 weeks at 70* ambient, then racked to 2nd because I needed the yeast cake. SG at racking was 1.004. Alcohol taste is present, but not the hot fusel alcohol. My questions are, does this yeast normally attentuate this well, and what are some steps to prevent?
I added the crystal 80 for color and unfermentables. The sample tastes good, just not the summer beer I was shooting for.

Thanks, Mike

Yes, 3711 is a monster attenuator and single digit FGs are the norm. For a summer beer, you would need to keep the OG in the low 40s - I brewed a Saison yesterday, OG is 1.043 and I expect to end up around 1.003, so 5.2% ABV. One way to keep it from going so low is to mash high and increase the unfermentables - flaked oats add a nice silky mouthfeel and a couple points per lb to the FG, but crystal malts don’t seem to have as much impact on 3711.

Thanks, Shadetree.

If you don’t mind, could you post your recipe?

Super simple - just 2-row, 5% Special B, and a little acid malt. OG of 1.043. 20 IBUs of Glacier, bittering addition only (will dryhop with Amarillo or Cascade), a little gypsum and chloride to add some mineral character and calcium. Shooting for light and crisp, so the carbonation will be on the high side.

That yeast will attenuate fairly well. You got some sugar in there that would help dry it out, along with a high ferm temp (70F ambient means closer to the mid 70’s ferm temp) so I could see it finishing that low. Next time I would ferment cooler and maybe mash a little higher (156F) if you want it to finish a little higher.

Also, check your thermometer to make sure it’s accurate. I have a Biere de Garde that was suppose to be around 7.5%ABV, but a much higher then expected efficiency (77% compared to 70% expected) along with a thermometer that was off by 7 degrees (mashed around 143F compared to 150F target temp) lead to a 9.5%ABV beer! It’s good, but just a little less malty than I had hoped for.

Yeah, I need to check the thermometer on my MT. I can’t find my lab therm. since moving 4 months ago. Lately, FGs have been a bit high.
I think between the yeast, sugar, more grain, and higher temps, all factors have contributed. It’ll be good regardless, but I’m NOT calling it Imperial. :cheers:

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