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Wyeast 3205 PC De Bom sour blend

Anyone try this blend yet? Claims to work much faster than other sour blends.

  1. Um, yeah, stupid fingers or stupid typist?

I’ve got some of this sitting in the fridge waiting for fermenter space to free up. Probably going to do a belgian blonde base at about 10-15 ibus as not to inhibit the lacto.

HomeBrewTalk has a few threads on the strain and early results: ... za-480559/ ... ns-487911/

I used it with the Sour American recipe from the American Sours book. I kegged it after a month (actually, a day short) and love it. Great barnyard aroma and lots of flavor. I had a saison on tap too and blending them tasted a lot like Goose Island’s Sophie.

I really recommend it. It doesn’t replace all sour yeasts, of course, but I love that I can have a quick and easy sour as an option on tap.

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