Wyeast 3031 Saison w/ Brett

I believe it’s a limited release. Just curious if anyone’s used it yet and what to expect.

Pitched it today OG 1.044 80% GW 2-row and 20% Red X with Pacific Jade hops.

I know it’s not a traditional saison grain bill, Pietro.

Haven’t tried it but it sounds interesting! I usually just add brett to secondary, but the price tag is nice on that, compared to a $7-8 smack pack and $10 vial of brett. Did you make a starter with it or just direct pitch? I wonder how many cells of either strain you’re really getting in a blend like that…

Direct pitch. Off the cuff brew. I like to keep a variety on tap, but responsibilities have limited that.

I was going to brew a low OG saison (e.g quick) and a friend mentioned this.

The package does say that a blend may be lower than 100 billion cells.

Sounds great! I’d love to hear how it proceeds.

My fascination with brett started with adding it to a really under-attenuated wheat beer that tasted just awful. I topped off a pLambic with it where I added Orval dregs. Little did I know that those awful off-flavors would provide food for the brett to create unbelievable flavors of peach and stone fruit. Even if it’s an under pitch, let it ride and you’ll be rewarded in the long run.

Also, citra + brettanomyces is incredible.