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Wyeast 2124 and 2206

Anyone have any experience with these 2 yeast strains? The first is a Bohemian Lager yeast suggested for a Maibock that I was going to brew and the second is a Bavarian Lager suggested for a Schwarzbier that I wanted to try. I was thinking about pitching the Schwarz onto the Maibock yeast cake but wasn’t sure of any undesirable characteristics that using the Bohemian Lager yeast may impart onto my Schwarz. Do you think it might be better to brew both beers with the Bavarian yeast strain and scrap the Bohemian yeast altogether?

Thanks in advance…

I’ve used 2206 for several bocks and schwarz’s but not 2124, so can’t speak to it. But I can say the 2206 makes a damn good german lager.

I also used it for an stout-lager hybrid (dry stout grain bill, 2206, fermented at lager temps for 4 months.) That was an excellent beer. It was slightly more roasty than a schwarzbeir and much smoother/milder than a corresponding stout.


I’ve used the each at least a few times and settled on 2206 as my all-around lager yeast, FWIW. It seems to accentuate the malt more than 2124, so I feel like I can brew a wider range of beers with it by adjusting the grain bill and/or mash parameters.

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