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Wyeast 1945

I am currently on my second brew and I believe that I have run into some issues with my Wyeast Smack Pack. Three hours before I began brewing, I smacked the pack in hopes to bust the internal pouch. Three hours later, it appears that the pouch was larger than before but not fully expanded. The instructions stated that if it were below 70 it would not fully expand.
Upon cutting the packet open and mixing it into my 5 gallons of mix, I realized the internal packet was not open. However, the existing contents of the packet were already drained into the carboy…So I cut the packet open and poured it into the mix.

Is this batch of beer toast? or is there any way that I can save it?

The little pack is nutrients/wort. It give the yeast something to eat so they produce CO2 and inflate the pouch so you know they are alive.

Your beer will be fine.

Optimally, you should make a starter to increase the cell count of the yeast. But again, your beers will taste dandy with out. So concentrate on getting comfortable with brewing. In a few batches you can expand into starters, if you want.

Thank You NightHawk!

The instructions are calling for a two week primary fermintation. Since I did not create the started would I need to let the primary fermintation go longer or stick to the instructions.

Looking forwad to gain knowledge about brewing!

Let the beer tell you when it’s done. Not the calendar. In other words check the hydrometer.

You will see air lock activity decrease/stop in a week or so. But let the beer sit for 2-3 weeks so the yeast can “clean up” after themselves. Take a reading at 2 weeks. Then a couple days later. But don’t feel you need to get it in the bottle or another carboy.

Which beer are you making?

I am brewing a extract kit, Nut Brown Ale Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains. After allowing it to set over night there is a slight level of foam formed over the top of the brew and movement through the airlock.

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