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Wyeast 1768

I am out of the production cycle for this yeast strain. I would like to brew the English Summer Ale kit from NB. The Wyeast site mentioned that their 1968 strain is similar. Anyone have experience with either one.


I couldn’t find the kit you’d mentioned. I’ve used both. The 1768 this fall, my first time using it.

I’ll say I love 1968 using English malt and hops. Mostly with Challenger and EKG.

For the 1768 I used the same English malts. This time with Target, Northdown and Challenger. I believe the Northdown gave it a resiny taste that I might reduce a little the next time. Overall I still very much enjoy this beer as well.
Target .50 ounce @ 60 min
Northdown .50 ounce at 30 min
Challenger 1.0 ounce at 20 min

WY1968 is a year round yeast for a reason ( It’s Awesome). You might also try WY1469 another great yeast. :cheers:

That looks like a tasty beer, I may have to brew that up this summer.

I’ve used both. I really liked the 1768, but it will flocc out if you look at it wrong. I don’t recall exactly what the flavor profile for this yeast was other than it was similar to 1968. WY1968 is outstanding, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for the Summer Bitter.


Looks like I’m going for the 1968! Thank you all.


It’s one of thieir limited edition kits. Found it in the documentation part of NB site.


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