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Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire Ale

Anybody brew different styles (other than a bitter, mild, ESB) with this yeast?

I am wondering what else can you use it for. Any experience out there?

I like using it in my lower gravity APA’s, also has worked well in an American Brown.

I’ve used it in a couple of dry stouts and enjoyed the presence of the mild tartness that I always pick up from this strain.

I’ve used it in a porter and was happy with it. I keep meaning to try it in a stout. So many beers, so little time :slight_smile:

It’s my favorite yeast from wyeast. I’ve used it on an English IPA, ESB, oatmeal red rye ale and our host’s “big honkin’” stout.

I like malty beers, and this strain allows the malt profile to come through. The tartness is subtle when fermented in the mid 60’s and almost non-existent when fermented around 60. I wouldn’t recommend it for an American IPA or IIPA since it does mute some hop flavors compared to something like 1056.

I made a “viking” ale with it-used yarrow and heather instead of hops for a viking dinner we had, about a dozen guests really liked it, and just about kicked the keg. Good yeast if you want to brew replicas of historic british/medieval beers.

I just kegged a large, hoppy ale that used W. Yorkshire. By the numbers, it’s most closely related to an IIPA, but I used 1469 to fortify its malt backbone. 12lbs Otter, .5lb of C40, C60, buiscuit, and 1lb torrified wheat came in at 1.076. The 1469 took it down to 1.012 over the course of 2.5 weeks and all 9ozs of Challenger and EKG are roaring through with all guns blazing.

I was a bit concerned that 1469 might obscure the hops a bit too much (hence my use of Challenger @90min) but tonight’s samples indicate that this will be a lovely ale. It reeks of EKGs and is firmly bitter, but it retains those wonderful 1469 hallmarks. It has a very rich mouthfeel, but the tartness and bitterness keep it far from cloying.

I’m not sure what it is, but I doubt it will be my last batch.

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