Wyeast 1450 vs Sfale US-05

I just realized that I pitched the wrong yeast for the 115th Dream IPA. The kit called for Safale US-05, and I inadvertently pitched Wyeast 1450 Denny’s Favorite.

What should I expect the difference in flavor to be?

Follow on question…

Because I acidentally pitched the yeast I planned to use in my next batch (Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout), I’m now left only with the Safale US-05 for the Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout. Is using the US-05 in this kit not advisable?

Did you just pitch one package of the 1450? If so I’d dump the US-05 in as well because that would be a gross underpitch on yeast.

I made a starter with the 1450 and pitched that.

sounds good to me. S-05 will make a fine stout. and the 1450 in your IPA will be good too maybe even better than 05

good to go!

Isn’t 1450 supposed to be a little more malty and slightly less attenuative? Shouldn’t hurt a thing.

I’d say probably less attenuative (just a bit) and not so much “malty” as “smooth”.

Are you pitching the second before the first one is done? You could just use the 1450 yeast cake for the stout

Good suggestion. Unfortunately, no. I brewed the stout before the 1450 is done.