Wyeast 1450 too cold

I did my first starter with wyeast 1450 andused my mix stir for the first time. I had air lock activity in like 2 hours so Im pretty happy with that. Put the carboy in an empty room upstairs with the window cracked when I woke up e temp was much lower than expected like 54-56 degrees. Its bubbling but not as rapidly as I’m used to seeing with dry yeast. Did I do damage by letting it get too cold? The package recommeds 60-70

Get it into the low 60s and you should be fine.

Yup, might want to close the window

With a little tweaking i got it to stay right at 60 much more activity inside the fermentor. The smells for the fermentor are so nice thank you Denny I have a feeling this is going to be a great beer :cheers: