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Wyeast 1450 Denny's Favorite?

I brewed the NB Rye Stout last weekend. I was told that I did not need to make a starter,but it gives me one more procedure to play with. The aroma a yeast starter gives off is amazing for a person whoenjoys the process. This one had a distinct “sour” smell, anybody know if I screwed something up or if this is normal for this strain? Fermentation is proceeding at a fantastic pace. I had to replace the airlock with a blowoff tube. Thank you. PS wort was black like midnight and smelled awsome.

fermentation smells can be pleasant sometimes and others downright nasty. I can’t recall ever taking a whiff of this strain while it was going to town on the stir plate, but I wouldn’t worry about anything.

one thing you can do next time is taste the starter beer - it won’t be good, and will be oxidized, but you can at least determine if it is extremely foul and then make a decision.

Had something very similar about two weeks ago. It had a strong sour smel but tasted fine. I pitched anyway and well the beer ended up with that same sourness but in smell and flavor. It was worth the learning experience but I am personally tossing if things go sour in the future :shock:

Remember to chill and decant the spent wort to avoid those flavors in the finished beer! If sanitation procedures are in place, there should be no worries about the starter - remember, you are growing yeast and not making beer (Denny’s words of wisdom).


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