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Wyeast 1388 - What to expect?

I brewed a Patersbeir a few weeks ago primarily to build up enough yeast for a Belgian Tripel. The Patersbier is good, but the Belgian yeast character is very mild and subdued. I fermented in the low/mid 60’s. So, on Friday night I brewed the Tripel using about 1/2 of the yeast cake from the Patersbeir. Pitched at 65F and let it rise up to 72F over 36hrs. Last night I warmed it again… was hoping to get it into the upper 70’s, but by this morning the temps got up over 80F. I’m hoping 48hrs of fermentation within normal temps will produce a beer I’ll be happy with, but am concerned about some time up over 80F.

Has anyone ever fermented warm using this yeast? I know Belgians can be awesome if fermented warm, but have very little experience with this specific strain.

I think you’ll be fine.

When I got home last night I saw the temp was starting to creep into the top range of the fermometer (78F). So, I’m thinking even at it’s highest the temps may have only gotten up to maybe 78-82F range… which is where I was hoping it would get to after a few days anyway. I too am thinking I’ll be ok. Really hoping to get some good Belgian character in this Tripel.

Any other input is greatly appreciated.

Give it a good while, this yeast takes a long time to clear. But when it’s clear all the way through, your beer is done. I bet you’ll be very happy with it.

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