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Wyeast 1388 Belgian Strong

I brewed a farmhouse ale with this yeast and when I opened the primary fermenter after two weeks there was chunky “stuff” floating on the top. The gravity dropped from 1.082 to 1.016, which is good, but I am wondering if the stuff floating on top is normal?

Now that it is in the carboy I can see some white patches floating on top. Also, the top 1-2 inches look darker than the rest.

Is all of this normal?


This yeast tends to clear from top to bottom so what you’re seeing is that the top 1-2 inches is clear. When the whole thing is clear, keg or bottle it.

As far as what you saw in the fermenter, that is what fermentation looks like… you would probably have been better off leaving it until it finished, but it sounds like you’re going to be OK.

Stop worrying.

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