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Wyeast 1332 too old?

I ordered a few extract kits and have been unable to brew them yet. I am brewing the White House ale and the caribou slobber - both use wyeast 1332. The date on both packages shows 9/10/2013. I believe this means they are currently @ about 64%. Can I just use 2 packages to brew the caribou slobber (OG 1.052). I would then purchase a fresh one for the White House ale.

U can do that or make a starter.

Will a 1L starter be enough for an OG of 1.052? How about for an OG of 1.062 (the White House honey ale)?

Check out mr malty or yeast calc they will be more help then me.

You can use the two packs of yeast to brew one beer, then use the yeast cake from the first beer for the second.

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