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Wyeast 1332 long fermentation

I’m having a very slow fermentation on two beers using Wyeast’s Northwest Ale (1332). Been about 2 weeks on one and still going with no off flavors or smells. Anyone else have experience with this strain?

Have you taken gravity readings or just looking at the airlock? What temp are you fermenting at?

I am taking gravity readings, which continue to drop.

Ambient temp reads at 66ºF.

Both starters were plenty active before pitching. I pitch at 72ºF.

First batch contained honey, which I know can slow things down a bit, but second was a pretty typical wort.

The last straw came yesterday when a new batch I started with 1335 made a mess by blowing its lid off in the same room. That startled me as it was a lower gravity wort than the second of the batches using 1332.

Just used 1332 myself for the first time with similar results. Brewing Caribou Slobber from our host.

First two times with this brew, I used the default dry yeast and had big blowoffs, even with controlled temps.

This time, fermented first week at 62*, warmed to 74* to finish for 3 days, now it’s been at room temp(about 67) for a couple of days–still bubbling about once every five minutes. Had a beautiful thick krausen that just fell after a week and a half. Mine has no off smells either.

I, too, hope this is normal. I’m sure it probably is.


Yeah, batch two is still bubbling, but batch one is finally there. Guess it just goes slow. I’ll probably avoid this one unless its really good.

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