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Wyeast 1272

Now I see there have been a lot of topics covering this yeast all throughout the internet and this forum, but I just can’t seem to find the answer I need.

I am making an APA and pitched a 2000ml yeast starter using WYEAST 1272. I am fermenting the beer in a chest freezer set at 65DF. Over the first 3-4 days, the beer was very active. Moving along, the beer has calmed and I’m now on day 8. The beer clearing up, and there is no airlock activity. I have thick krausen sludge floating on top which doesn’t look like it has any plans on dropping down.
First: Is this common activity for this yeast?

Second: will the cake ever drop to the bottom?

Third: Should I give it a swirl and rouse the yeast and see if they drop after a few days?

And finally, fourth: What’s a rough/common week frame to set my sights on for this yeast and fermentation?
I’m confident and comfortable with 1056, but this 1272 stuff acts different.

I haven’t used 1272, but I have had stubborn krausens that seem to dry up and harden rather than drop. It will drop eventually. You can, once or twice a day, give the fermenter a few little knocks around the krausen line to start it settling. But you shouldn’t have to mix it in or anything like that.
I don’t believe the timelines are much different between 1272, or 1056, but only your hydrometer knows for sure.

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I’ve used 1272 a lot. Never had stubborn krauesen with it like you describe. I’ve kegged IPA’s as early as 10 days with 1272 but I wouldn’t recommend bottling it that soon. 2 weeks minimum, preferably 3 for it to drop clear. It flocculates much better than 1056 imho.

also my opinion, DO NOT swirl your fermenters after fermentation has started. Introducing air to your beer now is counterproductive and will only server to oxidize it.

Take a hydrometer reading to see where you are. When you’re ready to package if the krauesen is still there just rack from under it.

Ime with that yeast the krausen will hang on for a bit but it will drop eventually…just give it some more time.

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I’ve used it a few times. Think I remember it not wanting to drop. I just racked underneath it.

The only real way to tell.

I’ve used it quite a bit and have it in a carboy now, opposed to my conicals. It has shown very similar behavior. Quickly started, fermented like mad, has slowed down, but a head of krausen remains.

Just checked the gravity at day 9… 1.009 from SG of 1.050. After tasting it, I believe it has some cleaning up to do, but it’s going to be a good beer

I enjoy 1272.

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