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Wyeast 1272 Not Dropping

I brewed up 10 gals of an IPA and split the batch, half with 1272 and the other half with US-05. As part of my usual routine, I added gelatine to the cold beer at kegging. Now, after 10 days, the US-05 batch is crystal clear and the 1272 batch is still cloudy.

Is this a common problem with 1272?

Noticed this as well. Krausen floats a while longer too. Recently went back to chico for my IPAs and happy I did. I feel that 1272 was a bit drier than I prefer. Your side by side should have some great results!

That’s exactly the opposite of my experience. I have a very difficult time getting Chico to flocculate, but 1272 drops bright all on its own.

I recently brewed a blonde ale with 1272 and it was very clear after three weeks in the primary.

I recently brewed a blonde ale with 1272 and it was very clear after three weeks in the primary.[/quote]

Hmmm? I thought I had read that this strain dropped out easier than US-05. Oh well. Maybe I got an off batch of something. The beer tastes great, I just wish it would clear up for me. It’s my first cloudy brew in quite a while. I guess it just makes me feel a little less adequate, haha.

Calcium deficiency can have a significant impact on flocculation and yeast strains may vary in how much they need in solution. I have been getting very clear beers since I started adding a few grams of a calcium salt to the boil beyond what I add in the mash.

Is it possible that you switched them, or mislabed the two fermenters?

According to my notes, I should have had right around 55ppm of Ca, so I don’t think that was the problem.

I asked myself the same thing and was pretty worried about it for a little while, but after tasting the two, I’m pretty sure I kept them straight. The 1272 batch is fruitier for sure. I’ve also made a slight variation (higher OG) of this beer with US-05 before, and the batch that I think is US-05 came out very similar to that, flavor wise.

What sucks the most is that the 1272 batch is the one that I prefer flavor and aroma wise, but the haze is tricking me into liking it less all around.

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