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Wyeast 1214 starter on a stir plate

So I smacked and activated the package of yeast, waited 5 hours (saw only slight package inflation) and pitched into 1.4 liters of 1.040 (estimated) starter. As per Palmer, the fermentation is at 62*, the same temperature I am planning on fermenting the primary. I cannot discern if there is any yeast activity excepting a slight foam on the surface of the starter on the stir plate. The starter has been fermenting since 9pm Saturday (roughly 37 hours). Should I consider the starter ready to pitch?

The constant stirring action of the stir plate will negate the build up of a large visible krausen. Turn the stir plate off and shake your container. If you don’t get substantial formation of a krausen your starter may be complete. Take a gravity sample to be sure. Don’t return the sample. Slight chance of infecting your starter if you return the sample.

Thanks for the advice, the potion smells like beer, so beer it is. Next question, can I drink the excess starter instead of pouring it out like a drink offering? (Once the yeast have settled out during a refrigerated nap.)

You could, but without hops it may not taste very tasty.

+1 You could drink it, just don’t judge the taste of your finished beer by the taste of the starter.

I prefer to make starters at higher temps. You’re growing yeast, not making beer. Then you won’t be temped to drink the starter. :wink:

  • 1 to the above. Have a sample and it might taste nasty but nothing like the final beer will taste like. Give it time to ferment out and condition. What a difference.

I pitched the yeast, but after I started decanting into the wort, I noticed an off aroma slightly rotten-egg. Could I have just inoculated my wort with bacteria? What to do? Is there hope for my wort?

I haven’t used 1214 in years, but some yeasts will throw off sulfur. It’s been pitched, just ride it out. :cheers:

I realized I had thrown out some old eggs that same day. Could explain the smell. The brew is fermenting nicely, everything seems to be proceeding according to plan, muwahahaha.

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