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Wyeast 1010 - Honey Wheat Beer

3 weeks ago I brewed a slightly modified NB Honey Weizen recipe. This recipe used the Wyeast 1010 American Wheat yeast.

I kept the beer in primary for two weeks, and now it has been sitting in secondary for a week.

How slow is this yeast to floc out completely? I took a small sample yesterday to taste, and there still was a definate yeasty flavor overshadowing the beer flavor itself.

Wheat beers are cloudy because of the yeast still in suspension. The yeast flavor is part of the beer profile.

Bottle and drink.

No. This is yeasty. Not wheaty. Its an American wheat, so its not designed to be cloudy either.

Mine took almost four weeks to loose that taste

WY1010 American Wheat yeast is a low floculatting yeast strain that produces more esters then the “standard” American Ale yeast such as WY1056. What you are tasting is probably some of the esters produced by the yeast, as well as the beer still being a little green. Let it age a couple weeks and it should mellow the flavor you are tasting.

Also wheat beers are typically slightly cloudy due to the large amount of protein in wheat malt and the use of low floculatting yeast strains, meaning this kit IS meant to some what cloudy.

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