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WY3822 Belgian Dark Ale

Has anyone out there used this yeast? Any thoughts?

This is for the WY 3822 Belgian Dark Ale special release strain.


I’m currently growing up a starter now and getting pretty stoked. I’ve seen reviews from years past when people used it for Kasteel clones, and RZA has some pretty good notes on it for some funness he’s working on now ( Check out the previous names of WY3822, ingulmunster, Dutch castle, might find some good notes. It seems like a phenol-workhorse! If you can ferm warmer you’ll probably be rewarded if you’re into those flavors. Cheers amigo!

yeah I can tell the yeast is pretty awesome!

Just pitched it into a recipe based on Brewing Classic Styles Belgian Dark Strong recipe… tasted a bit of the starter, and the tartness really comes through… I think this will be fantastic


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