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Bottled a Saison and saved 3 jars of wy3711 , i plan on making more Samson’s with it but I was wondering what or if anyone makes any other type beers with this yeast ? I heard of people using it in cider.

Yes, cider would be a good choice. A Belgian IPA could be good too - 3711 will take the FG into the single digits.

Belgium IPA sounds interesting. Any recipes out there?

There’s an Houblon thread on here somewhere.

Picked up som Belgium pale and Munich yesterday. I have some nugget,chinook, and EKG. Going to try to ferment with the 3711. Thinking about the temperature to ferment at.

I like to start in the mid-60s, 2-3 days, then ramp slowly - 3711 will put off more clove than I want if started warmer.

I use Belle Saison, which I’ve read is from the same source as 3711 - That does NOT make it the same, just similar.

I like the clove note to dominate, so I ferment at about 60 - 62 for a week or so, then ramp it up to room temperature over the next week. It takes a while to finish, but after a month my ~1.050 worts usually finish at about 1.002. I get little-to-no banana, good clove, and a beautiful Saison character.

Rumor has it that Saison’s improve dramatically with age; mine usually don’t last long enough for me to notice a lot of improvement. But, my most recent Saison is a 100% Munich where the Munich maltiness overwhelmed the Saison character, so it’s lasted longer than most, and as advertised it has gotten better every week. It won’t last much longer, so I have a Patersbier planned in the near future.

Your PIls/Munich Saison sounds great!

And, I forgot to mention that a ferulic acid mash at about 111 F will enhance the clove note. Avoid it if you’re going for banana, use it if you want more clove.

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