I have a hefeweizen fermenting away with wy3068. I noticed the smell from the airlock was kind of sulfury. Anyone else notice this? It’s sitting at 72 and the room temp is 68. Direct pitched from the pouch. Recipe anticipated OG was 1.049.

Answered my own question the Wyeast website says it under the description.

That odor is very unnerving. I noticed it on my first Hefeweizen with the WY 3068 also. I primaried the Hefe for three weeks. Sniffed the bottling bucket after racking and it was gone. I felt immediate relief. I’m not to worried about aromas coming from the airlock anymore, unless I had let the fermentation temperature get away from me.

I was just expecting a different smell so it was strange.

Should I let it sit longer than 2 weeks in primary? I figured this would be a good young beer and would bottle after 2 weeks. Obviously there is no need for a secondary as far as clarity.

You might have a lot of excess yeast and sediments in suspension with only two weeks in the primary. CO2 in solution will keep the yeast and small sediment particles suspended. Cold crashing will help drop the particles, but will still be about a total of three weeks time in the primary.

I hope you have a blow off tube on it. That yeast is a beast, especially at warmer temps.

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No blow off, I’m using a plastic 6.5 gallon bucket. It is chugging pretty good just past 24 hrs after pitching.

Just keep an eye on it. I had a hefe going for a few days with a blow off. Looked calm so I switched out for an airlock.
Came home from work that evening and it was foaming out the airlock. When I went to pull it of, it blew out of my hand and hit the ceiling. Big mess all over the wall. The beer came out great though.

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Well at least the beer turned out good right haha. I’ll keep an eye on it. Sort of the reason I brewed it Saturday night and not Sunday morning. I didn’t want to come home from work on Monday to a mess if something did happen. At least I have til 10am tomorrow to watch it. I’m sure my wife would enjoy my hobby/obsession even more if it exploded all over the recently painted walls.