WY2308 for a schwarzbier?

I bought some WY2308 Munich Lager for a Vienna Lager and a Munich Dunkel. I’d like to use it for a schwarzbier too, but the recipe calls for WLP830 German Lager. Would 2308 be a good sub? I’m new to the lager game.

Yeah, 2308 will work just fine for a schwarzbier. No worries. With lager yeast strains, there is really just one rule as far as I am concerned: don’t ever use WLP820. That’s it. Any other lager yeast is just fine for just about any lager.

Why do you think this?

Personal experience and the experience of others. Try it and see for yourself. There are a few out there who like it. There are also a few who think Leinie’s Berry Weiss is good beer.

I did a little search on 820, and saw it described as a very slow fermenting strain. I really didn’t see a clear description of why a person would choose to use that strain - quite a bit if negative feedback.

Good to know the 2308 should work. I guess I’m not too picky, but I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be terrible or something. :cheers:

hahaha, that’s amusing. Well shucks, I have 2 vials of 820 in my fridge that need to get used. They’re old, but hell, I paid for them, why not use them…