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Wy1450 Temperature

I brewed the Dry Dock Vanilla Porter on Monday and due to outside temps I only got the wort down to 70 degrees. Since I like how 1450 has been in a Pale and a Stout that I’ve done I decided to use it in this in place of WY1056, and because I have started keeping at least a coupe vials of Denny’s in vials from previous batches since LHBS doesn’t keep it in stock that often.

Do to the amount of space I have I ferment in my in-laws basement. The ambient temp stays in the low 60’s year round. What should I expect from pitching at 70 with this strain? I know 60 -70 is the ideal range, but most seem to advise on pitching in the mid 60’s with gen 1 and then low 60’s for future pitches if you wash or pitch on top of a yeast cake.

just bring the temp back up to 70-75 after the first 3-5 days of fermentation. Pitching warm will result in increased diacetyl production which can be reabsorbed if the yeast stay active at the tail end (which raising the temp will help them do).

Actually, the ideal range is 62-65F. Wyeast disregarded what I told them about temps. I doubt you’ll get increased diacetyl at that temp (actually I haven’t seen any yeast throw d with increased temps, but that’s another story) but you will see increased esters.

@ Denny is your experience it comes more from underpitching?

My experience is that it mainly comes from too short a fermentation or an infection. I have not found that stressing the yeast will produce diacetyl.

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