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WY1273 Characteristics?

What type of characteristics should I expect from WY1273, compared to US-05? I’ve heard it leans toward a sweet yet tart finish?

Assuming you mean 1272, IME it attenuates a little less than US-05, gives a little more body, and at higher fermentation temps (~68F) produces more fruit. Adds more character than US-05.

Aah! Correct you are… it is 1272. I don’t use liquid often and to be honest this pack is about a year old but its swelled up like a champ though, nearly bursting at the seams it seems.

I’m tossed whether to make a starter or not, I want a bit of subtle yet occasionally in your face fruity character so underpitching might help with that too?

Make a starter, your beer will thank you.

A pack that is 1 year old is only 10% viable at best.

Your beer definately needs more then 10 billion cells to ferment properly.

Check out

Pitch it at 64F, wait until you see a good krausen going, then raise the temp to 68F and hold it there. (Both temps are beer temps, not ambient air.)

I use this yeast a lot and wouldn’t call it overly fruity and I don’t get much tartness from it. The sweetness will depend on your recipe, IME. I think it’s pretty similar to Bell’s house yeast.

And +2 on making a starter.

Per the suggestions I decided to go with a starter, it wasn’t as active in the flask as I thought it would be, at least compared to how active it had been in the smackpack. I gave it almost 48 hours in the flask, swirling every 3 hours or so. I could see the yeast in the bottom but not much of a krauzen was made. It may have something to do with the flask, I’m not sure. I picked the flask up at a yard sale this summer… 6000 ml size, shaped like a bowling ball so it has a LOT of surface area. Anyway, I pitched it last night, I guess time will tell.


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